Kristen Stewart tells Colbert she brushed off Trump's tweets about her

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart recently revealed her new badass blond buzzcut and not only does it look incredible, but it "feels awesome", too. What's next for her?

In the meantime, you can catch Stewart sporting her previous hairstyle - before the buzz - when "Personal Shopper" opens in theaters Friday. Her transformation is in line with her upcoming movie "Underwater".

Kristen Stewart previously admitted that it was not exactly the best time of her life, she has since then moved on from those tumultuous times of her life. "One of my top five, all-time favorite movies is The Shining". By day, Maureen fingers and frets over luxurious couture garments and jewelry for someone else to wear; by night she attempts to contact the spirit of her twin brother Louis, who died of a heart attack.

Kristen Stewart in Chanel at the premiere of Personal Shopper in New York, New York, March 2016.

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Once you go short you never go back! Why did I think I could do this?' That last hour, when it came down to it, it was so much fun.

In 2012 Trump sent a string of tweets over a period of about a month in which he urged Robert Pattinson to end his relationship with Stewart, including one where he said she had cheated on him "like a dog". Stewart said this is an opportunity to become selfless and to surrender something that is valuable to her in order to make someone else feel good about themselves. She won numerous American critics group awards for that role, and earned almost as much praise again this year for her part as a young Montana lawyer in Kelly Reichardt's Certain Women. She was also linked to Cara Delevingne's ex-girlfriend, St. Vincent. She is reinventing herself. She has taken part after part, usually in smaller, indie productions (Certain Women, Equals, Cafe Society), with an insatiable urge to work, to keep exploring. He has incredible range but, from 1900 to Meet the Parents to Casino, there is nearly always something immutable about him.

It seems that for some her monologue was her official coming out when if fact it was not.



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