Patriots want No. 1 overall pick for Jimmy Garoppolo

Tennessee Titans Won't Be Favorites In AFC South If Houston Texans Sign Tony Romo

Cleveland and Houston are also swapping 2017 fourth- and sixth-round picks within the Osweiler trade.

The Browns reportedly acquired a 2018 second-round pick and Brock Osweiler from Houston on Thursday in a salary-dump move by the Texans. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the deal had not been announced. Cleveland simply used Osweiler to get another high pick next year, for a draft that's loaded with top-end quarterback talent.

This move cleans $16 million off of the Texans books, while the Browns easily absorb it while receiving a second-round pick in return for it. It's a lot more palatable for the Texans to pay $14.7 million for Tony Romo when they aren't paying $19 million for Brock Osweiler as well.

The Texans signed Osweiler to a four-year, $72 million deal last offseason, but were very unimpressed with him.

On Wednesday it looked like the Cowboys were going to finally release Tony Romo and allow him to find a new home for the 2017 season and beyond.

While Jerry Jones probably wouldn't want to see Romo playing in the same state as the Cowboys, he definitely would rather trade Romo than release him, and trading him to an AFC team would be all the better. There's no word on what the Browns gave up for that "haul", but Schefter indicates it is a cap-cutting maneuver for the Texans. He is set to make $16 million next season.

Either way, the Browns just picked up another second-round pick to continue building for the future and the team now has 11 selections in each of the next two drafts. They take on a bad contract in the style of the National Basketball Association or Major League Baseball, and maybe shift the landscape of the NFL trade market forever.

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The Browns signaled that they don't have much use for Osweiler, either, with football operations chief Sashi Brown starting off his official statement on the deal with, "We're really excited to acquire a second-round draft choice in this trade".

They overhauled their offensive line Thursday by signing guard Kevin Zeitler and center J.C. Tretter, two analytics powerhouses.

The NFL trade and free agency moves just keep coming!

Throughout the last several months, the Browns have been viewed as a likely destination for Garoppolo.

So instead of becoming an unemployed 27-year-old with $37 million next year, Osweiler will now quarterback a team that hasn't made the playoffs since 2002.

For the Browns, the 2018 second round pick is by far the most valuable aspect of this trade.



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