Hundreds gather in Phoenix for pro-Trump rally

Supporters hold rally in support of President Trump

Police encouraged people to report crimes even after the event ended.

Waving pro-Trump signs and American flags, the crowd was greeted by Gene Huber, who made headlines last month when the president called him to the stage during a rally in Melbourne, Florida.

This comes after recent rallies and marches against trump and against his policies. The scene devolved from relative peace into violence with people from both sides walloping one another over the head with "wooden sticks", per Reuters, with some Trump supporters brandishing pepper spray.

Organizers for the rally say they hope everyone here continues to have energy and support for other Republicans in local races.

"He's being assaulted by malcontent and sore losers".

Over 200 Trump supporters also rallied in downtown San Diego.

Hundreds of people came together at Davenport Guns. "Any campaign promises have already been broken", Blanchard said.

Some held American flags and others wore "Make America Great Again" hats and Trump T-shirts. Media outlets, however, suggested inaccurately that the protests were an outgrowth of the pro-Trump protests themselves.

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"I feel that Donald Trump's performance has been Trump-tastic".

"Anyone who disagrees with you, they throw this word around". It doesn't matter because if I'm still standing, I'm obligated to keep going. But if that was my standard.

They talked about a variety of topics from abortion to gay marriage. "Our economy has been down, we notice that there's a lot of business done outside of our country versus here", Welch said.

"Our president needs us right now!" boomed a voice from the speakers.

Another man, part of a group wearing leather jackets proclaiming themselves "Bikers Against Radical Islam", turned to a fellow motorcycle rider and said, "Isn't it time for a union police break so we can go down there and run them down?"

"We just want people to know President Trump has support", The Guardian quoted a member from the Main Street Patriots, Debbie Dooley. "We want to send a message to all Republicans in the House and Senate that we're not going away and that we need them to support his agenda". We the people elected him.

In the nation's capital, more than a hundred people gathered near the Washington Monument, a short walk from the White House, although the president himself was in Florida for the weekend.

According to the Daily Californian, "Trump supporters attempted to continue to march towards UC Berkeley's campus as originally planned, but many counter-protesters blocked them to prevent them from leaving".



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