Nintendo finally pulls the curtain back on the Switch eShop

John Cena

Just to clarify: the Switch Stardew Valley multiplayer announcement DOES NOT mean that PC will get multiplayer later.

Stardew Valley is set to be released for the Switch this summer, although no specific date was given. No longer will you have to farm, gather, and explore alone. Blaster Master Zero will revive the series on Switch and Nintendo 3DS on March 9. At launch, Wii Sports was one of the games that you could invite people over to try, but you were restricted to your home. Intended for workouts, since the songs play back to back without a break. Just Dance. And drink.

The biggest selling point of the Nintendo Switch is its attempt to combine the strengths of a portable system and a home console, thanks to its unique Joy-Con controllers.

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Something that must be mentioned about the JoyCon is the current issue with the Left (Blue if you grab a Neon console) controller. And hey, guess what: the Switch is a fun little party machine. There's also a green light on the front of the dock to let you know that the content is outputting to your TV, so you don't accidentally leave it running. Whilst Nintendo hasn't always been the go-to place for indie games, there was no holding back in the presentation from highlighting the importance of Nindies and their place on the Switch. Anyone who doesn't want to pay up after three months suddenly has four-fifths of their library taken away.

Nintendo Switch is looking like it will be off to a good start, with preorders sold out around the world. One of the major reasons the Wii U flopped was because it doesn't have great games unless you are a hardcore Mario fan. However, if you were expecting to make the Switch your mainstay for AAA multi-platform titles, you can guess again. The launch lineup and slow drip of indie titles on the Switch will have to carry you over until this support is released. In my hands-on review from earlier in the year, I used the words "fantastic", "an absolute joy" and "phenomenal" when describing the device. In particular, fans are saying that it would be ideal for the PlayStation Vita, though it's unclear whether Barone and Chucklefish plan to bring the game to the Sony handheld once the Switch version and the multiplayer feature has shipped. "Our goal with any console launch is to deliver an entirely new game experience for players", Fils-Aime said.

Out for Nintendo Switch this summer it has exclusive features and functionality, including HD rumble.



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