Trump Administration Stumbles on Immigration Message Following First Trip to Mexico

Workers raise a taller fence along the New Mexico Mexico border on Jan. 25 2017

Trump is also recognizing that the position of US president is not "omnipotent", he reportedly said.

The new rules, issued on Tuesday, mean nearly all illegal immigrants would be subject to deportation, with the USA government seeking to send many of them back over the southern border, even if they are not Mexican citizens.

"The legal impossibility is that one government makes decisions that affect the other unilaterally", said Videgaray.

"Mexico will face this as a reality and not just as a rhetorical threat because we have realised that rhetorical threats come and go". "Everything at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will be done legally and according to human rights system in the US", Xinhua news agency quoted Kelly as saying.

Miguel Angel Osorio Chong said in an interview with Radio Formula that the USA secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, and the homeland security secretary, John Kelly, asked Mexican officials during their Thursday visit if they would host deportees from other countries while their immigration cases are processed in the US.

America's top diplomat and top USA counterterrorism official headed to Mexico Thursday for what could only be described as an awkward visit.

"It's a non-starter", a Mexican official familiar with the situation said, switching to English for emphasis.

"Secretary Tillerson has an opportunity to set relations on a more sound footing based on mutual respect", she said in a statement.

On Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer called the U.S. -Mexico relationship "phenomenal" in defending the tense atmosphere of the visit.

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On Thursday, however, USA ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said the United States still supports a two-state solution. Israel is the innovation nation, we're both entrepreneurial centers. "The settlements are a roadblock to the two-state solution".

Although Trump has touted an expanded border wall as a way to stop migrants from entering the USA illegally, population estimates show more Mexicans are returning home than heading north.

Mexico has hinted it could use border cooperation as a bargaining chip.

The new rules include sending undocumented people to Mexico, even if they are not Mexicans.

Al Jazeera's John Holman, reporting from Mexico City, said Mexico has been criticised as "timid" in confronting issues with the United States in the past, but since Trump came into office it has grown "tougher".

The minister's comments are the latest in a verbal thrust and parry between the United States and Mexico in recent weeks.

Earlier, in Guatemala, Mr Kelly reinforced that the measures did not signal mass deportations. He said the USA wouldn't use military force in immigration operations.

The president said the deportations were a military operation to remove "bad dudes" from the U.S.

The new guidelines from the Department of Homeland Security also say that illegal immigrants could be deported to Mexico, regardless of their nationality.

"Similarly we underscored the importance of stopping the illegal firearms and bulk cash that is originating in the United States and flowing into Mexico". However, many Mexicans regard the idea of a wall as an insult, and authorities on both sides of the worldwide border have predicted that rough terrain and large stretches of private property straddling the border could make building the wall a long, complicated project.



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