Microsoft rolls out Skype Lite in India with support for biometric authentication

Satya Nadella CEO Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Indian-origin CEO, Satya Nadella is in Mumbai presently for company's Future Decoded conference, where he announced the launch of Skype Lite among several other products designed for India, also touted to be made in India as company targets broader audience in the country. Skype Lite isn't available at the moment but when it does, you can find it here.

Microsoft has retooled Skype, the messaging service synonymous with business users, for people living in emerging markets. With the help of this app, the images will be compressed if user's wish to re-send the images then it will be sent directly using Skype, instead of downloading and uploading it again and again. Skype Lite is available in Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu for the Indians. With that in mind, Skype Lite now aims to serve as the go-to app for slow internet connections in India.

Nadella said that it is Microsoft's "responsibility as a multinational company to operate in India responsibly by making sure that our services support the India stack, and that's what we're doing with Skype".

Government servicesThe Aadhaar scheme, which is the collection of India's new proprietary identity system, can be accessed via the app.

"Skype will now support Aadhaar". The app, which has been developed at the tech giant's Hyderabad R&D centre, consumes low data and will allow Aadhaar verification in the time to come. Microsoft says that Skype Lite is its smallest and fastest app to date. Facebook has announced a new Android app called Facebook Lite, which is a version of Facebook built from scratch to work smoothly with poor data connections and low-end phones. Skype Lite also comes integrated with bots platform to pull up information such as news, horoscope and more, without having to use the web browser.

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But, most important announcement related to app was Aadhar authentication facility which allows callers to request for other's verification.

Secondly, and most importantly. the app is not flawless and there are a lot of bugs that Microsoft needs to fix.

However, ever since Nadella took over as the CEO of the Microsoft, there has been a shift in the way the company has been organising itself both within the organisation and outside.

On Monday, leading e-commerce major Flipkart tied up with the global software major Microsoft to use its Azure Cloud platform for boosting its e-tail sales.



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