Shadows Of Valentia' Coming To Nintendo 3DS In May — Fire Emblem Echoes

A Fire Emblem focused Nintendo Direct is on the way

The last entry in the Fire Emblem series, 2016's Fire Emblem: Fates for the 3DS, sold more than 1.84 million copies worldwide. Melee. But no more! Other than that, it promises to be like any other Fire Emblem tactical RPG, which means perma-death! Probably to make up for the ridiculous wait everyone on Android had to deal with for Super Mario Run.

The Fire Emblem Nintendo Direct is scheduled to begin tomorrow at 2PM Pacific time. Overall, Fire Emblem Heroes seems to be really fleshed out, and it's rather impressive to see how much they've packed into it. But beware, some of those beloved characters will be acting against you, which means you'll have to kill them eventually. Characters level up as you use them and you can augment them further with orbs.

The turn-based game has been designed with mobile touchscreens in mind. One way for another, Fire Emblem fans have a lot to look forward to in the near future.

A Fire Emblem focused Nintendo Direct is on the way

Along with a main quest, the mobile game also features a Training Tower in which to train your heroes, Special Maps where seasonal events will take place and Arena Duels where you'll compete for high scores.

Echoes pays tribute to Gaiden daring to be different at the time with some new series elements of its own, like third-person dungeon exploration complete with treasures to loot and enemies to draw into Fire Emblem-styled battles.

As promised by Nintendo, the recent Fire Emblem-themed Nintendo Direct brought news of multiple new titles in the franchise. Until then, the Tecmo Koei-developed Fire Emblem Warriors will represent the franchise later on in 2017. Until the official Fire Emblem Direct, Nintendo has kept mum about both games. That game is coming this fall and is also coming to the New Nintendo 3DS. The original 3DS will not be supported, presumably as a result of the technical issues surrounding Hyrule Warriors Legends.

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